5 Meal Replacement Shakes For A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to how to use protein powder, or how to best utilize the formula of a Lifestyle shake like BestBodiesforLife, sometimes you have to get creative to make every meal as tasty as possible. With BestBodiesforLife, you get the best benefits of protein shakes — the protein — as well as a variety of other all-natural and necessary nutrients. This way, you know you’re taking care of more than just your muscles. 

At BestBodiesforLife, our delicious vanilla and chocolate powder formulas provide protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support mind and body health. Our BestBodiesforLife formula is one that’s fit for meal replacement at any time of the day. If you need to recharge or fill up for your active lifestyle, then there’s no better choice than BestBodiesforLife meal replacement shakes. Made in Texas from U.S.-sourced, all-natural ingredients, our shakes are sure to provide you with a tasty boost. Our original chocolate and vanilla flavors are hard to top, but if you’re looking for a change of pace, then try substituting our formula in one of these protein shakes.

5 Protein Shake Recipes For Your Day

When it comes to meal replacement, sometimes you’ve got to shake it up. Cooking different recipes is hard enough, but trying to find different options to throw in the blender every day can be even more difficult. Here are five delicious meal replacement shake recipes that we’ve found, and the benefits they may provide.

Meal Replacement Shakes to Start the Day

When starting the day, you should look for shakes that support your energy levels as well as your nutrient absorption. By doing this, you can help kick start your day and your metabolism.

Strawberry-Banana Shakes — If you’re looking for a delicious start to the day, then a strawberry-banana shake infused with our chocolate or vanilla meal replacement powder is a powerful way to do it. You’ll get the whey protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that you’d expect from BestBodiesforLife, reinforced with the potassium and fiber of bananas and the rainbow of nutritional benefits that strawberries serve. 

High Protein, Sugar-Free Coffee Shakes — If you want a high-octane boost to start your day, then this protein shake has you covered. Some protein shakes are loaded with sugar, but with the all-natural, sugar-free ingredients of our meal replacement formulas combined with this recipe, you’ll be provided with enough protein to exert yourself and recover afterward while giving you a kickstart with an entire cup of coffee. As the day wears on, the healthy fatty acids from both the coconut milk and the flaxseed will help keep you going, as they allow your body to better absorb protein and other nutrients. As a natural complement to the flavor of coffee, either our chocolate or vanilla recipes will go great with any coffee-flavored shake.

Extra-Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes

No matter how much some people want to eat healthily, they just can’t seem to like certain foods. Luckily, getting a full range of colors in your diet is easy when you have the recipes and meal replacement mixes to make any fruit or vegetable delicious.

Extra Green Shakes — Foods that are green are some of the most common foods under that umbrella of undesirable colors. When it comes to lunch or dinner, there are a variety of healthy shakes you can make that can help you get through those foods and to the essential nutrients within them. Shakes that include spinach are a great way to add extra protein and vitamin A to your diet, while those with broccoli boost calcium and protein intake. While these shakes may be a little bitter to start, adding your vanilla-flavored meal replacement formula from BestBodiesforLife can make them smooth and delicious.

Orange You Glad Shakes — Orange is an important color when it comes to nutrients and providing for your physical and mental health alike. Vitamin C, potassium, and the other nutrients typically found in orange fruits and vegetables help with a variety of health issues, including heart health and cardiovascular health, building healthy bones, and overall energy levels. Using our vanilla meal replacement powder, you can make shakes with citrus a little smoother, and give those with carrots and other vegetables a little sweetness and cinnamon spice.

Meal Replacement Dessert Shakes

Once you’ve gotten through a busy day, you deserve a break. However, even when you’re taking a break, you may want to keep nutrition in mind. These dessert shakes can help provide a relaxing end to your day and provide a meal replacement that you won’t have to feel guilty about after a busy, active day.

Kind of Like A Cookie Shakes — With this recipe, you can enjoy a shake that harkens back to childhood with the sweet taste you remember and without the effects on your waistline. There are tons of possible cookie, chocolate, and cake flavor combinations that can be made into a smoothie that meet a variety of nutritional needs without unnecessary fats or sugars. Drink these shakes as a post-workout meal before bed or as your last meal before you work out and turn in for the night. They go great with either our chocolate or vanilla flavors!

Berry Peanut Buttery Shakes — A couple of the most common foundations of protein and meal replacement shakes are berries and peanut butter, and they help make up a number of dessert-ish smoothies. They taste great and they offer tools for healthy living. With berries, you get a wide range of vitamins and healthy fiber that help keep your metabolism going, and with peanut butter you get a rich source of protein. Plus, if you substitute certain nut butters, then you can add tons of healthy fats as well! Substituting almond or chia seed butter can provide nutritional fats that help you better absorb nutrients and burn body fat quicker.

Start Your New LifeStyle With Meal Replacement Shakes

When it comes to providing for your entire body, protein alone isn’t enough. You need shakes nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that address every aspect of your health if you plan to drink them as meal replacements. With BestBodiesforLife, you get all the benefits of a protein shake with the added benefit of ingredients that address digestive health, mental health, your immune system and more. Contact us if you have more questions or visit us online today to make your purchase.