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BestBodiesforLife’s formula and its use go beyond meal replacement shakes. They also work great as a substitute or add-on to many different types of recipes. As we strive for healthier lifestyles in a busy world, it’s important to sneak a little nutrition and self-care into your day. By adding BestBodiesforLife into your recipes and your daily routine, you’ll be embracing a healthier lifestyle by enhancing some of the things you love already!

What You Add Into Your Recipes With BestBodiesforLife

BestBodiesforLife offers a variety of nutrients in our shake powder formula that help support all around nutrition with all-natural ingredients. Our formula is designed to help you fuel up and recover. We include a number of ingredients to address specific nutritional needs, while giving our shakes a rich flavor. Here’s some of the goodness you get with every BestBodiesforLife enhanced recipe:

Protein — The whey protein isolate that gives your muscles the tools they need to work and recover is almost 90% pure protein, and when added to recipes, you can give baked goods and sweets a powerful boost!

Potassium, Vitamin C, and Magnesium — These three nutrients come from the coconut water that goes into our recipe. They’re another essential part of what makes our BestBodiesforLife formula a powerful ingredient in many recipes. These three ingredients work together to help improve moods, support a healthy immune system, and encourage a healthy sleep cycle among other things.

Anti-Viral Qualities — The combined efforts of the antioxidants in the cocoa, vanilla, and apple cider that goes into our lifestyle shake powder can help reduce stress levels, which often enables the body to better fight off viruses and other illnesses. In addition, apple cider vinegar includes antibacterial qualities that fight off certain harmful bacteria.

Sweet Goodness — While sweet things should almost always be eaten in moderation, many of them don’t get credit for the health benefits they can offer. However, cocoa, vanilla, and honey all have other qualities that make them fit nicely into a healthy lifestyle. Cocoa and vanilla have both been tied to weight loss and weight control benefits as well as lower blood pressure, while honey is noted to have similarly helpful effects on heart health.

Some of the Foods You Can Make With BestBodiesforLife

There is a wide range of foods that you can add the BestBodiesforLife formula to in order to create a healthier dish. When you add BestBodiesforLife to these snacks and dishes, you ensure that you have a little extra nutrition in your day and that you can take it with you wherever you go!

 Baked Goods — There are multitudes of baked good recipes that could work perfectly with the addition of BestBodiesforLife LifeStyle shake powder, as they’ll work with most recipes that include parameters for protein powder. Chocolate lava cake, brownies, and cookies are good places to start, where you can add an unexpected boost of BestBodiesforLife to make a treat that offers the benefits of meal replacement powder.

Sweet, Powerful Breakfasts — Breakfast provides a ton of quick and easy vehicles for meal replacement and protein powders, so you can enjoy a host of breakfast food classics with the added benefit of more complete nutrition. The vanilla and chocolate meal replacement powders lend themselves perfectly to breakfast time favorites such as waffles, pancakes, muffins, overnight oatmeal, and more!

Smoothies — Sometimes you may just want a break from the regular flavors of meal replacement shakes, one easy and tasty way to utilize your BestBodiesforLife formula is to drop some into a smoothie. Simply create any smoothie that mixes well with chocolate or vanilla, and you’ll have a complete and delicious meal replacement option at your fingertips in minutes.

Protein Snacks — Store-bought protein bars are often expensive and come with a chalky, undesirable taste, but taking the time to make protein-enhanced snacks with BestBodiesforLife’s LifeStyle-shake powder can help you bake a large batch of snacks that you can bring on-the-go. There are a ton of protein bar, ball, and snack recipes out there, and substituting BestBodiesforLife meal replacement powder for traditional protein powder can help you get the protein you need and then some!

Acai Bowls — These are like a smoothie in a bowl, and the yogurt and fruit combinations you can make with an Acai bowl lends themselves naturally to the flavors of BestBodiesforLife’s meal replacement powder. Simply mix your powder into the acai bowl as you blend it, top it with fresh fruit and granola, and get on with a healthy and delicious day!

This is only the start of what you can do with the BestBodiesforLife formula! Visit our site at least once a month to find new recipes on our blog and send in any recipes you might come up with! We’ll be sure to give you a shout-out as one of the contributing members of a growing community. Thanks for visiting our recipes page and be sure to order your BestBodiesforLife supply or contact us for more information today!