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BBfL GUT way Better!

ALL NEW: 21g of Protein + All the Gut Healthy Benefits!

It's NOT just protein...It's FUNctional Nutrition!

A Nutritional Shake with Purpose. Gut Health & Protein Meet - 21g of Protein + The Healthy benefits of each ingredient.

Inflammation + Joint Relief + Gut Health

Creamy, Cinnamoney, and Delicious

750mg of Turmeric & Curcumin 95 + 150mg Cinnamon + (Black Pepper Extract)

Full Shot of ACV + 3g Prebiotics

Digestion, Gut-health, Weight Management, Immunity, Inflammation

Your BBfL Impact

Each Purchase Helps To Sponsor a Child!

We believe that to Live Your Best

We have to GIVE OUR BEST!

Smooth & Creamy - NO Chalky Taste!

100% Plant-Based

Gut Healthy Clean Plant Protein! - Dairy Free & Vegan Friendly

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Your Body is His Temple!

"19. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20. you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies."

Our Story

How...One Story Turned into Many!!!

BestBodiesforLife was built around our Founder's journey to transition from an obese and borderline diabetic adolescent into a faith, health and community driven individual. After meditating on his experiences and struggles, he decided to start BestBodiesforLife - an organization centered on providing clean, simple and LifeStyle focused nutritional products to help one person at a time live the life they were created to live.

We Love Our Store Partners!

Retail Partners

What Does Our BBfL Community Have to Say?

Genuinely liked it. I love the apple cider vinegar aspect for health AND protein along with great taste. I mixed with water and used as coffee creamer - having healthy vanilla flavored protein with apple cider vinegar for health is all a huge plus to me. And not to mention all the packaging & many proceeds giving glory to God!! Impressed 👏🏼

Elizabeth P

BestBodiesforLife testimonial: I am no stranger to the protein powder market as I have been drinking protein smoothies for the past 10 years of my life! As a collegiate athlete, it was the best way to get breakfast in as well as vital nutrients to fuel my body throughout the day. When I was a junior in college I developed what was called leaky gut. Leaky gut is an increased permeability in your intestinal wall that can cause inflammation, bloating and digestive issues. Through process of elimination, I had to take out my favorite proteins; no dairy based whey, no pea protein and I was left with unflavored collagen. My love for those protein smoothies and shakes went from enjoying my breakfast to, ‘just get it down for the protein benefits’. I met Raul at central market this past February and took a chance on his product and haven’t looked back! Not only does this product taste good, it has completely reduced my bloat and digestive issues I was having with other protein powders. I believe it’s because BBFL has whole ingredients you can see and taste! As a added perk, with supplemental workouts and eating nourishing foods I have been able to loose 10lbs since February. I can’t thank him or his product enough. I love this product for its gut healing whole ingredients and I know you will too!

Sarah Peterson

I tried the Plant-Based Vanilla Cream LifeStyle Shake and was not disappointed!! It has a creamy texture when blended in smoothies and works great for baking. It wasn't chalky like many protein powders I have tried. My favorite recipe I have made so far has been the Power Pancakes! It's a super easy recipe to follow and makes an incredible breakfast! There are so many benefits in just one product and love that fact that I can trust it is full of clean ingredients.

Bethany E

Helps me sleep! I love this protein! It isn't gritty. It's more like a morning breakfast shake. I tend to put it in almond milk, frothed it for coffee in the morning for an extra boost ( not my favorite texture, but it works) and in my smoothies. I Have sleeping issues and the doc told me to try protein before bed. This by far is the tastiest! I like the vanilla best. It does help me sleep better. Furthermore, it helps keep the food headache away when I just can't or don't eat.

Tiff B

Over the last year, I've lost 75 pounds and drink one of these every morning. Delicious flavor and consistency. Not typically a health food guy, but this is a great product.

John M

Best Protein Shakes! I have tried an unfortunate amount of protein shakes. This is the only shake that I can drink, it tastes good and it doesn't upset my stomach. We are all about both chocolate and vanilla! We are BBFL Lifers!


As a Marine Corps Veteran, but also a husband, daddy. I'm a walking testimony of BBfL. After a health scare of my own, I decided to make a lifestyle change. I started by trying diets and other health programs, but I wasn't seeing any long term results. Before giving up, I gave BBfL lifestyle shakes a try and after just a few months of doing 1-2 shakes a day (Low carb) I was down almost 40lbs. However, most impressively, THEY HAVE HELP ME KEEP IT OFF!

Hugh H - Marine

Lots Of Flavor! My favorite plant based flavor! Can hardly tell it is plant based! Definitely has a smooth And creamy taste! Made a chia pudding with some almond milk with this flavor and it was delicious! For sure worth buying again!

Quinn D


Q & A Time

  • What is NEW about the BBfL Look?

    We are so excited to answer this question!

    Essentially our heart behind the All-New Rebranding was to listen to YOU - our BBfL Family - and retail partners, and revitalize our brand as a result.

    Questions being asked:

    1. Is it still the same taste?

    - ACTUALLYYYY, believe it our not, it's EVEN BETTER!

    2. Are you still using the same ingredients?

    - Yes & no. We are still using the same main ingredients:

    - Whey Protein, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt, Honey, Stevia, but we actually switched on our Whey Based Shakes from our current Whey Protein supplier to an Organic Truly Grass-fed certified Whey Protein from Northern California. All to say, we made an improvement, and not only will you see it, but you will taste it!

    - Also, we decided to add digestive enzymes to all of our products due to customer request. Therefore, now you won't just get the post digestion benefits of the ACV, but the pre-digestive benefits as well!

    In conclusion, we are NOT changing, but we are simply improving and changing up our look.

  • Can you taste the Apple Cider Vinegar in your shakes?

    We are so glad you asked! No you will not taste the ACV in our LifeStyle Shakes or smell it AT ALL!

  • How can Apple Cider Vinegar help me?

    Apple Cider Vinegar helps:

    - Healthy weight management

    - Support gut health for healthy digestion

    - Support a healthy immune system

    - Improve energy

    - Support a healthy heart


  • Is there dairy in BBfL?

    - Yes and No! So, it depends on which of our shakes you are drinking. If you are drinking our 100% Plant-Based, they are completely dairy free and free from any animal products.

    - Also, although our Original Whey Based are not dairy free, we always let our customers know that our Whey Protein is Organic & Truly Grass-fed certified; therefore, for most people that usually can’t do whey because of digestion issues and such, they usually can use ours…Plus remember we have the apple cider vinegar and the digestive enzymes, so that will also help with digestion!

  • What flavors are offered?

    With our LifeStyle shakes, you have your choice of our Original and most popular whey based Vanilla & Cocoa Cream and our Plant-Based/Vegan version of those two flavors as well. We will soon be coming out with our Golden Turmeric Cream…Stay tune!

  • How much Apple Cider Vinegar do you get per serving?

    We are glad you asked. You get 500mg of ACV per serving, which is perfect for your recommended amount of 500-1000mg, which is why we also recommend 1-2 shakes per day depending on your health goals