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BBfL Plant-Based/Vegan LifeStyle shake options.

  • Sadly most "Plant-Based" shakes are known for not dissolving well and being chunky, gritty, and having an after taste...We have focused on developing ours to be super easy to mix, have an amazing taste, and although they have a little texture from the Plant protein, they are super smooth in comparison to others!
  • Vanilla Cream: Has a strong vanilla bean flavor and slight cinnamon flavor from the Molasses. Very satisfying and Yummy with Frozen fruit or any of our recipes!
  • Cocoa Cream: Has a delicious chocolaty flavor - NOT too sweet, but just the perfect amount. Takes care of Chocolate cravings!
  • Dairy Free, Low Carb/Sugar, Keto Friendly, non-GMO, NO Artificial Anything