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Frequently Asked Questions
As we know that we can't always answer all your questions through the site, we created our FAQ page to focus more specifically on those questions still not answered or still need more specifics!

Can you taste the Apple Cider Vinegar in your shakes?

  • We are so glad you asked! No you will not taste the ACV in our LifeStyle Shakes or smell it AT ALL!

How can Apple Cider Vinegar help me?

  • Apple Cider Vinegar helps:
    • Healthy weight management
    • Support gut health for healthy digestion
    • Support a healthy immune system
    • Improve energy
    • Support a healthy heart

How much Apple Cider Vinegar do you get per serving:

  • We are glad you asked. You get 500mg of ACV per serving, which is perfect for your recommended amount of 500-1000mg, which is why we also recommend 1-2 shakes per day depending on your health goals

What flavors are offered?

  • With our LifeStyle shakes, you have your choice of our Original and most popular whey based Vanilla & Cocoa Cream and our Plant-Based/Vegan version of those two flavors as well. We will soon be coming out without Turmeric Cream…Stay tune!

Is there dairy in BBfL?

  • Yes and No! So, it depends on which of our shakes you are drinking. If you are drinking our 100% Plant-Based, they are completely dairy free and free from any animal products.
  • Also, although our Original Whey Based are not dairy free, we always let our customers know that our Whey Protein Isolate is Cold Micro-filtered & Ultra-filtered; therefore, for most people that usually can’t do whey because of digestion issues and such, they usually can use ours…Plus remember we have the apple cider vinegar, so that will also help with digestion!

What other ways can I use this product?

  • We are so glad you asked. Since we did not want to be like all the other shakes out there that not only taste gritty and chalky, but because of that, they also aren’t very versatile, we developed our shakes to also be great for:
    • Baking (Waffles, Muffins, Pancakes…) Go to our recipe page for more details.
    • Amazing as a Coffee or Tea Creamer (whey based)…No more artificially sweetened creamers. Instead BBfL your warm yummy drink with our mix as a substitute
      • You can shake it in with your coffee or you can make the shake and pour like a creamer and keep the rest in the fridge for your next creamy need.
    • Smoothies: We’re are sure you already knew that you could mix this in with your smoothie blends, but just know that your Lifestyle shake will not only, provide you those added health benefits, but actually improve the taste of it too!

 Is BBfL Plant Based or Vegan?

  • We have a whey based, but for all our Plant-Based friends, we also have our 100% Plant Based/Vegan version of our LifeStyle shakes too.

Is BBfL found in Stores?

  • Yes! You definitely can find us in stores. We are currently in several stores found mainly in Texas. We are in a few stores in surrounding states and working to expand. If you are interested in having us carried in your local retailer, email us at and we will send you a request form to give to your local retailer!
  • If you want to learn more about where specifically are our current retailers, you can message us on Facebook or email us and we will let you know where the nearest retailer is to you.

Does a BBfL shake taste like other protein and/or supplements?

  • NO! Our founder was very adamant and focused on that not being the case. He passionately disliked protein shakes and anything supplement like. He was not a fan of the typical nasty texture, artificial flavor, and lingering after-taste. Therefore, when he set out to make BBfL lifestyle shakes, he was focused on the taste, quality, simplicity, and versatility.
    • “Simplicity & Versatility”: He wanted them to be simple to make - no blenders or complicated methods necessary to make your shake, but also making it versatile to use.
      • You could use it to bake, make smoothies, use as a post-workout, as a coffee creamer, etc…Look to recipe page for more ideas
    • Taste: He wanted a shake that was smooth, silky, pure, and authentic in taste…Meaning, if it was chocolate, you could actually smell and taste the cocoa!
    • Quality: He hated the fact that when he started looking into protein or any kind of supplements, he not only, couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients, but when he researched each ingredient, they either had no purpose or were actually terrible for your body. Therefore, each ingredient in BBfL Shakes has a unique purpose. They were specifically chosen to be gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, and free of any kind of artificial ANYTHING.

What is the scripture? Or, why is there a scripture on the bag?

  • We are SO GLAD you asked! The reason we have “1 Corinthians 6:19-20” on all our packaging and on our website, is because it conveys one of the core values of our company and also drives our vision and mission.
    • We are an unapologetic faith-based company. Our founder (Raul Garcia) is passionate about not separating faith/values from work/business.
    • We try our best to make Christ the center of all that we do.
        • In the process of developing BBfL Shakes, Raul was struck by a verse that is found in one of the letters Paul writes to the early church “1 Corinthians.” That verse specifically was “1 Corinthians 6:19-20”, which conveys to us in summary that “Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit.” Therefore, we strive to keep that verse in mind when choosing the ingredients we use for our products and much more.
        • ALSO, the scripture goes hand in hand with the name of our company “BestBodiesforLife” and the impact we want to make. Because of Raul’s experiences during mission work, where he witnessed a lot of pain, he has a mission to make BBfL an arm to help those in need:
          • We currently sponsor several kids in various nations
          • We sponsor a homeless outreach ministry
            • We have a vision to impact any community that is under served and/or overlooked.