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Elevate Your Workouts with Our 100% Plant Based Protein Line: Packed with Clean Superfood Ingredients!

Fuel Your Body with Nature's Best: Introducing BBfL Plant Based Line

Are you in search of a premium plant-based protein powder that aligns perfectly with your health-conscious lifestyle? Look no further than our Plant Based Line – a ingredient focused protein powders are designed to fuel your body with finest ingredients. Crafted with a powerful blend of Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Quinoa Protein, and enriched with individually selected superfood gut healthy ingredients, our line is dedicated to supporting your workouts and nourishing your body. We are excited to share with you our BBfL Plant Based Line and why it should become your go-to plant protein source.

Empowered by a Plant Based Lifestyle!

At the heart of our Plant Based line lies a unique combination of Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, and Quinoa Protein. These plant-based protein sources boast a complete amino acid profile, providing all the essential building blocks your muscles need for recovery and growth. Say goodbye to the notion that plant proteins are lesser than – our Plant Based line brings you your protein source that rivals traditional vegan protein supplements.

Supporting Digestive Health with Apple Cider Vinegar

To optimize nutrient absorption and promote a healthy digestive system, our Plant Based line includes a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in our formulation. Outside of it being essential to our founder's personal health journey with gut health, ACV aids in digestion, balances pH levels, and fosters a healthy gut environment, ensuring your body efficiently utilizes the protein for best benefit.

Coconut Water & Coconut Milk Powder for Refreshing Functional Creaminess

Instead of powdered creamers and pressed oils our Plant Based line has the addition of Coconut Water and Coconut Milk Powder. Coconut water replenishes electrolytes lost during workouts, hot sunny days, or even keeping you hydrated and energized, while Coconut Milk Powder is a great source of MCTs, healthy fats, elevating every sip while reaping the benefits.

Instead of Simple Added Sugar...Molasses Powder

Our BBfL Plant Based line embraces the beauty of natural sweetness by incorporating Molasses Powder. Extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet processing, molasses adds a delightful, earthy sweetness without any artificial additives. Not only does it enhance the taste, but it also delivers essential minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Real Vanilla Beans & Cocoa for Authentic Flavorful experience!

Nothing compares to the authentic aroma and taste of real Vanilla Beans.  Our BBfL Plant Based Line spares nothing to bring you an authentic Vanilla or Chocolaty experience, free from artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colors - NO FAKE STUFF! Savor the rich essence of vanilla with every sip.

Guilt-Free Sweetness with Stevia

The "BBfL Plant Based Line" prioritizes your well-being by sweetening its products with Stevia, a natural, zero-calorie option derived from the Stevia plant. Enjoy without any guilt, as Stevia adds just the right amount of sweetness to enhance your experience with any of the artificial fake sense of sweetness.

Plant Based with Ingredients 

Savor the natural sweetness of Molasses Powder, benefit from the digestive support of Apple Cider Vinegar, and indulge in the refreshing creaminess of Coconut Water and Coconut Milk Powder. Relish the genuine taste of real Vanilla Beans and enjoy guilt-free sweetness with Stevia.

The "BBfL Plant Based Line" is your ultimate companion for elevating your workouts, nourishing your body, and aligning with your health-conscious values. Embrace the power of plant-based protein and unlock the full potential of your fitness journey. So, shake, sip, and elevate your wellness with the "BBfL Plant Based Line" – your gateway to plant-powered vitality!