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BBfL IceShaker Bottle - 26oz


Product Features:

  1. Holds 26oz of Fluid
  2. Holds Ice for 30+ Hours
  3. Spill Proof - Secure Lid
  4. Patented Removable Agitator

A "Lid" on The Competition

The Ice Shaker lid is uniquely designed with a patented removeable agitator for ease of cleaning, a double snap top to ensure your liquids wont spill, and a flip up carry handle to make it easy to haul around.

      • Removable Agitator
      • Low Profile Design
      • Flip up Carry Handle
      • Secure Pop-Top
      • Spill/Leak Proof
      • BPA Free

Quality Constructed

Constructed with kitchen-grade stainless steel, and double wall vacuum insulated, this is 26oz Ice Shaker will hold ice for 30+ hours, won't sweat, and doesn't not absorb odor.

Take It Anywhere

The 26oz Ice Shaker has a tapered design that allows it to fit into any standard sized cup holder. Take your favorite beverage on the go and keep it cold for hours!

 Let's Shake Things Up

Equipped with internal measurements markers, this shaker makes it easy for you to add the perfect amount of liquid to mix up any tasty concoction. The patented agitator makes it easy for you to break up powders, or add fruit and infuse your drink of your choice.

PERFECT FOR ANY LifeStyle! Protein shakes, Carry-on water, Lunch on the Go....

Shot of ACV

Each one of our shakes contain a Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar + Digestive Enzymes, BUT WITHOUT THE TASTE!

Protein, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calories

BBfL Shakes are all made with 15g of high quality protein. They are low carb, low sugar, and less than 150 calories.

NO Fake Stuff...

Our Shakes are not only Made with REAL Ingredients - non GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, but our Plant-Based line is Dairy free and completely Vegan friendly.

BBfL IceShaker Bottle - 26oz