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Plant Based Vanilla Cream Shake - BULK OPTION - **FREE SHIPPING**


Our ALL-NEW BULK OPTION offers not only our popular 100% Plant Based Vanilla Cream LifeStyle Shakes, but also the ability for you use it for:

  • Smoothie Bars
  • Health & wellness events
  • Cafe and/or Restaurant
  • OPTION if you just LOVE your Plant Based Vanilla Cream and use it often, or maybe it's a FAMILY's much more affordable option
  • ETC...

Our BULK OPTION arrives in a industrial food grade bag inside a case with several scoops for your use.

You’ll get a nutritional shake that’s packed with protein, clean purposed ingredients, and AMAZING Vanilla Bean taste, so you’ll enjoy every shake in your journey towards a healthier LifeStyle.

Plant Based Vanilla LifeStyle Shakes for a Healthier LifeStyle

  • High in protein, low in carbs & sugar, and it tastes great!
  • Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • REAL Ingredients - NO Fake Artificial Stuff!
  • Makes preparing healthy meals quick and easy
  • Great for delicious Plant Based Dairy Free Recipes...Look on our recipe book.

BestBodiesforLife has the meal replacement shake you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for our busy modern lifestyles, these shakes are high in protein, dairy free, low in carbs and sugars, and contain less than 150 calories per serving. They’re quick and easy, healthy meals to drink on the go. Our shakes are perfect for anyone looking to embrace a clean and healthy LifeStyle that BestBodiesforLife encourages everyone to pursue.

Shot of ACV

Each one of our shakes contain a Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar + Digestive Enzymes, BUT WITHOUT THE TASTE!

Protein, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calories

BBfL Shakes are all made with 15g of high quality protein. They are low carb, low sugar, and less than 150 calories.

NO Fake Stuff...

Our Shakes are not only Made with REAL Ingredients - non GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, but our Plant-Based line is Dairy free and completely Vegan friendly.

Plant Based Vanilla Cream Shake - BULK OPTION - **FREE SHIPPING**